Drs. Joy & Roy Martina - master TRAINERs Ibora Zafira
👇 Quantum Business Hypnosis 👇
“This REALLY is the best training you can do to be more successful and happier in all areas of life. "
This UNIQUE 5 DAY COURSE is offered in 3 locations: Portugal, the Netherlands and ONLINE.
Especially for therapists, trainers, coaches and entrepreneurs.
Break out of your TRANCE and take back control of your own life!
Quantum Self: You were born with all the resources you need to be successful ❤️
This is in all of us! No exceptions.
We go to school, and are educated by people who have not unlocked their own potential. As a result, we take on their beliefs and experience. “Knowing” this, with the understanding that how we think, behave and act is not in accordance with who we are of origin and that we get trapped in a much too limited version of ourselves is the first step to change.

This happens to 99% of all of us: our Quantum Self & our true potential is buried in a small box and sleeps until we die.

This soul secret is locked in our DNA and our brains, and we have discovered how to awaken it.

The question is ...
Are you 3-Dimensional or 5-Dimensional?
Now is the opportunity for entrepreneurs to tap into their potential and become even more successful in business
You are going to discover that you are a 5-multidimensional being and are more powerful than you can imagine.

You can develop a Business Quantum Mind and tap resources that have been dormant until now.

The most successful entrepreneurs have one skill-set in common: business intuition.

And this is exactly what you will awaken or strengthen during this training ...
Quantum business Hypnosis® training
It is time for the next step and that is to wake up our QUANTUM selves and find our true potential and soul mission.

The primary purpose of this course is to permanently open that connection to your Quantum Self so that you can communicate directly with your Quantum Self. In addition, you will also learn how to do this for others and how you can help your friends or customers with the techniques of Quantum Business Hypnosis®.

When we arrive on Earth, we forget all of our previous experiences, the connection to our Higher Consciousness (who we actually are) and the source of our origin. Quantum Business Hypnosis® enables all people of any background, culture, religion or belief system to interact with what we call the Quantum Self, which is always on a different timeline in the future.

This is the timeline where we live up to our potential and have awakened the most potential, the most success, the most connection to our highest consciousness, and the most connection to the source or Creator.
When we are connected at this level, we have unlimited knowledge and an unlimited ability to heal the physical body and live our life optimally. That is the Quantum Self.

When you are connected to your Quantum Self:
  • ​Then making a profit becomes your most natural way of business, by always going for a WIN-WIN-WIN. Your customers will be surprised and happy.
  • Then you are self-aware and able to immediately eliminate negative thoughts.
  • Then you no longer experience FEAR of failure in your consciousness.
  • Then you have an Unshakeable Faith in your business goals and dreams through a renewed connection with your Intuition. 
  • Then you will immediately recognize what your sabotage mechanisms are and you can easily transform them into functional life patterns and thoughts.
  • ​Then you will almost automatically develop the skill to effortlessly offer yourself or your products to the right customers with passion and conviction.
  • ​Then your added value in our world is unlimited.
  • ​And much more, including how to stay connected after the course.
"Our Quantum Self is buried in a box deep in our subconscious and is in a deep coma state."
What's different about the Quantum Business Hypnosis® is that we also have access to the Multiverse and can 'find' the best possible future, where we are the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled, most successful and live the best life we can. That timeline is where we find our best Quantum Self.

Quantum Business Hypnosis® leads to breakthroughs in your consciousness and business that you now can not yet imagine.
  • The primary purpose of this training is to permanently open that connection with your Quantum Self so that you can communicate directly with your Quantum Self.
  •  Quantum Business Hypnosis® is a powerful tool for accessing the omniscient mystical part of ourselves, which is also described as the higher self, higher consciousness or soul.
  • ​​Quantum Business Hypnosis brings us back to the so-called love frequencies, the highest frequency level that we can reach. Love frequencies include gratitude, wisdom, feeling happy, respect, integrity, authenticity, inner strength, love feeling, enthusiasm, passion, joy, humor, compassion, forgiveness and kindness.
  • ​In Quantum Business Hypnosis ©, the emphasis is not training to become a hypnotist (that goes without saying), but on the development of your strength (that is new). No other hypnosis training does that. 
The blind lead the blind and are never aware that we are much greater than we believe! To awaken the sleeping giant in us, we need to go far beyond the normal practice of hypnosis by asking the right questions and using suggestions.

Our Quantum Self is buried in a box deep in our subconscious mind and is in a deep coma state. Because most hypnotists do not know that we are much bigger than we think, we never get access to all the possibilities that hypnosis has to offer us.
Why would you want to learn Quantum Business Hypnosis®?
By awakening the Quantum Self, we accelerate the process of the evolution of our personal development & inner strength and success becomes inevitable.
  • When the Quantum Self is contacted during a Quantum Business Hypnosis® session, discernible changes occur in the person being hypnotized, the practitioner and everyone in the room: 
  • ​​a dramatic increase in the energy level that produces feelings of joy and love.
  • The Quantum Self is connected to the Higher Consciousness and the Quantum Collective Field of Information, and therefore, understands every aspect of the individual
  • there is no linear time in the Quantum field, everything happens in parallel time (you can experience this in this course, you don't have to believe it)
You regain access to the hidden secrets
your deepest subconscious mind
Faster and deeper than any other form of hypnosis, because all other forms of hypnosis are created by therapists and experts who do not master the applications and laws of Quantum science.
You will undergo 14 to 16 Quantum Hypnosis sessions yourself during this one
Quantum Business Hypnosis® training! With every session you go deeper!
This is the only Hypnosis Advanced Training for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to be mega successful and get the most out of their potential.
GOOD NEWS: You don't have to become a Hypnotist with this training and you
have the choice to do it LIVE in a group or ONLINE with (a) partner (s)
There is no other training that is able to let your Quantum Self communicate through you, giving you answers to all your questions.
Now is time for the next step and that is our QUANTUM self
 shaking up and finding our true potential and soul’s mission.
The Holy Grail is hidden in your unconscious mind
With Quantum Business Hypnosis® we reach the Theta Brainwave State, which makes it much easier for us to reach the deepest possible level of our Quantum Self.
The secrets of the Quantum Self are buried in the Theta Brainwave State (TBS), the deepest level of trance possible. This is normally only achieved by Zen masters and yogis who have practiced meditation for decades. TBS is the state of connection with all information from the Quantum field.

In this state, we have the power to heal ourselves instantly, access our most powerful resources, connect to the Quantum Multiverse and activate resources, skills and gifts that we have never used in our lives and often don't even know that it is possible.
Awakening the Quantum Self
It has been found that we are multidimensional beings using less than 10% of our potential.
In 2011, Joy and Roy Martina attended a hypnosis workshop run by Dolores Cannon, who began her research on the holy grail and reincarnation nearly 50 years ago.

This changed their lives, and Joy and Roy began to explore the limitless field of Quantum sciences and have discovered that we are capable of so much more than we can even imagine.

Register today for the Quantum Business Hypnosis® course, because less than 50 seats are available for the LIVE course.

In these 5 days of Quantum Hypnosis, you will travel to the best timeline possible, come back with your full potential and change the course of your life, guaranteed.

🎁 Extra Bonuses!

JUST These Bonuses Have A Value Of € 2696, -

Bonus #1

WORTH € 799, -

Quantum business
self-hypnosis module  

Exclusively for the Quantum Business Hypnosis® training, this is a separate module for anyone who EITHER wants to redo all the sessions themselves OR for people who only want to experience the “benefits” of Quantum Hypnosis and do not want to become a hypnotist.

This standalone module can be purchased alone in the checkout process OR can be accessed as part of the full certification course, live or online. This module includes only the explanatory videos and hypnosis audios, will not include the hypnosis scripts, you will not need a partner, and is for those who want the benefits of the hypnosis without the certification. 

Click any of the purchase buttons to choose this option in the checkout process. It will not include any of the other bonuses listed here.

So if you only want to connect yourself to your Quantum Self, you can only choose this option: Module Selfhypnosis.

The Ultimate Habits
Online Training

The 'Ultimate Habits' training is unlike anything you have experienced so far.

It's a 12-month journey into the depths of your unconscious mind to help your brain make and reprogram new connections.

You will break your old bad habits and form new, positive, structured ones so that you can enjoy every aspect of your life, create stronger relationships and better opportunities, and live passionately, happily and freely.

Follow the innovative, revolutionary Ultimate Habits program and become an unstoppable force by moving vigorously towards achieving your goals and getting exactly where you want to be.

Bonus #2

WORTH €1499,-

Bonus #3

WORTH €199,-

The Best of the best -
Recording of the woRkshops

Dr. Roy Martina's 35 years of experience as a holistic practitioner and trainer condensed into a 5-day workshop from December 2012!

In this workshop Roy shares the most practical, most effective and fastest acting techniques that made him the most in-demand holistic physician-Trainer in Europe.

Each day of this 5-day event contains a central topic related to the challenges of human existence and the way we deal with our daily problems.

Get a complete 5-day training as online video on demand and study in the comfort of your own home.

You can watch the videos where and when you want and as often as you want - it's almost like Roy is coming home to teach you!

AM/PM Brain Training for Stress Management and Self-Esteem

This is one of our most popular programs and consists of 14 meditations, they are divided into days, AM and PM, so you have 2 meditations for each day.

This is for people who want to change their lives super fast in the field of personal growth, stress management and awareness.

By focusing every day on a different aspect of your personal development, you quickly learn to stay empowered and to acquire inner peace, self-esteem, assertiveness and emotional balance.

You listen in the morning before you get out of bed (20 minutes) and in the evening when you go to bed (30 minutes).

Bonus #4

WORTH €199,-

Option 1 - LIVE
LIVE Training ticket
Excl. 21% VAT

Price before  June 30th, 2021
after that the price is 1799, -
  • 1 x LIVE Entrance ticket for the 5-day Training in
    Quantum BUSINESS Hypnosis©
  • Including 4 practice & integration evenings
    (evening program to be completed at your own location))
  • Including accompanying Meditations (MP3 audio)
  • Including QBH Certificate upon completion
  • Includes Quantum Multiversity bag with manual and flowcharts
  • Excluding all drinks, transport and accommodation are at your own expense.
  • BONUS: ONLINE SELF-HYPNOSIS - can be followed from home (worth € 799)
  • BONUS: The 'Ultimate Habits' training (worth € 1499,-)
  • BONUS: The Best of the Best Masterclass (worth € 199,-)
  • BONUS: AM/PM Brain Training (worth € 199,-)
Option 2 - Online
online training ticket
Excl. 21% VAT

Price before  June 30th, 2021
after that the price is 1499, -
  • 2 x ONLINE Admission ticket for the 5-day Training in
    Quantum BUSINESS Hypnosis © (You can add 2 more people)
  • Including 4 online practice & integration evenings
  • Each enrollee will receive their QBH certificate upon completion (max 4)
  • Including accompanying Meditations (MP3 audio)
  • Including manual en flowcharts (PDF)
  • BONUS: ONLINE SELF-HYPNOSIS - can be followed from home (worth € 799)
  • BONUS: The 'Ultimate Habits' training (worth € 1499,-)
  • BONUS: The Best of the Best Masterclass  (worth € 199,-)
  • BONUS: AM/PM Brain Training  (worth € 199,-)
  • If you do it at home you don't have time to stick to it, the training is completely online and you can do it for as long as you and your partner want!
(You can only participate in the certification training if you have a partner to practice with. Together, with up to three other people, you pay 1 entrance fee and you each get your own membership access and certificate)
ALTERNATIVE OPTION# Click here if you prefer to take the QBH Self-Hypnosis Module 
(no partner needed & no certification - can be followed wherever and whenever you want)
There is no other education that is able to let your Quantum Self communicate through you, giving you answers to all your questions. With every session you go deeper!
Practical Quantum Physics:
QBH® takes its unique place as a quick way to unlock your hidden potential. An open mind is key for the QBH® practitioner to embrace and understand unknown concepts that challenge us to break through our social conditioning and education.

Online when there are two of you!
You can also choose to do the training at home, but to get the most out of it, you need to practice with someone, up to three someones. You want to be hypnotized. So it makes no sense to just participate in the live stream. You can also work with a volunteer.
Cost to become a certified 1st degree QCH practitioner
Live presence: the price for this level 1 - 5 days and 4 evenings (evening program to be completed at your own location)) 
The price for Online participation is € 1,499 (Early Bookers price € 999,-). To get the most out of the Livestream, you need to do this with someone else. That's good news because you share the costs (for example, you and your partner each pay half, one third or even a quarter of the price! You can participate with a maximum of 4 people per link, all participants receive a certificate upon completion).
Times of the LIVE training (on location):
Time from 10am to 5.30pm and the evening (evening program to be completed at your own location), depending on the rules, you can also practice at the place where you sleep with the partner, you will receive specific instructions.

(Every day, except the last day, so you will receive a total of 5 days of intensive training)
This training was developed by Drs. Joy & Roy Martina and is organized by Quantum Multiverse ©
Dr. Joy Martina, Psychic Psychologist
Over Dr. Joy Martina
Dr. Joy Martina, is an Intuitive Psychologist and channels the Christallin Group (the Christ Consciousness in all of us). Christallin's mission is to awaken people to their authentic power and Divine potential.

She is a bestselling author, creator of the Christallin Oracle Training (to unleash our innate psychic abilities), the Joyful Kids Program (to teach children emotional intelligence and how to cope with adversity) and the “Sleep Your Fat Away” program ( an app and book in English) for effortless weight loss. She is a Master Quantum Hypnotist and trainer of trainers.
About Dr. Roy Martina
After helping, guiding, coaching and consulting over 457,000 of his patients and clients, he developed the secret path to optimal health.

Dr. Roy Martina is a renowned holistic physician with 42 years of experience, a bestselling author (88 books), Business & Life Coach and Trainer / Speaker.

One of his biggest international bestselling books is Emotional Balance and it has been translated into 9 languages. (Hay-House).
Drs. Roy Martina, Holistic doctor, Quantum Mysticus
Given the harsh conditions in which we live due to the Corona situation, we are dependent on the rules and we may have to adjust our program.
=== last opportunity to join this year ===
1# portugal, Luz,  21 to 25 July 2021
This training location is in a beautiful location, hosted by
Master Quantum Hypnosis Trainer, Ibora Zafira: Luz, Portugal.
(Nearest airport: Faro)
The training in Portugal is provided by Drs. Joy & Roy Martina - Master trainer: Ibora Zafira
You can find information about the applicable COVID regulations for travel in and out of Portugal here.
2# Netherlands, crown business center in Zoetermeer - 23 t/m 27 November 2021
This training location is located on the A12 and right next to Zoetermeer train station, and is easily accessible by car and public transport.
The training in the Netherlands is provided by Dr. Roy Martina & Giovanni Eleonora -  (Language Dutch)
Due to (Covid) travel restrictions, Dr. Roy Martina may teach through Zoom
Questions & Answers
Frequently asked questions and answers about the QBH training.
Who is most suited to participate in this training?
Entrepreneurs who want to become more successful, anyone who wants to accelerate their personal development, therapists and coaches who want to help their clients better and attract clients from the business world.

It is also excellent for those who are looking for a new profession that, in addition to attractive income, also works on yourself as an entrepreneur, leader and your visibility and especially your sabotages.

QBH is many times more effective than what is now offered in coaching, therapy and self-development.

This is the only Advanced Hypnosis Advanced Training for entrepreneurs & for anyone who wants to be mega-successful and get the most out of their potential & life.
What is the difference between LIVE and ONLINE?
The LIVE courses are given on location in Portugal and Holland. In view of the Corona measures, there are unfortunately a number of limitations and we will do our best to share the most current COVID restrictions with you as we know them. The training in Portugal will be in English only. The training in Holland will be in Dutch only  
Will I receive a certificate after participating in this training?
Yes, if you participate in the LIVE or ONLINE version of the Quantum Business Hypnosis® training you can, after taking a test, become certified as a Quantum Business Hypnosis® Coach.
If I do the ONLINE training, do I have to arrange a practice partner myself?
Yes, if you decide to do the full ONLINE certification training, we expect you to invite at least one practice partner yourself. A partner in the online training is mandatory. With one link, you can register yourself and up to three other people in the training and split the cost.

You may have a friend who wants to become more successful and who is available to practice with you, both parties will benefit.
Can I also pay in installments?
No, you cannot pay in installments at the moment. If you would like this, we recommend the online option. With the Online Training you may invite a maximum of 3 other people to participate with you. Your investment in the online program will then be 25% of the price. (because the other 3 people pay the remaining 75%, you can arrange this yourself.)
Does the event include food and drinks?
Lunch, dinner and coffee & tea in the morning break and the afternoon break are NOT included in the price. Travel and accommodation costs are also NOT included in the price.
What is the location of the event and can I stay there overnight?
Location Portugal: Travessa Das Fontaínhas, Luz 40 | 8700-179 Luz LGS, less than an hour from Faro airport (Transavia has attractive prices)
Location The Netherlands: Crown Business Center | Boerhaavelaan 40 | 2713 HX | Zoetermeer

You can spend the night in the vicinity of both locations. You will receive the details after your registration
Where can I go with other questions?
Yes, you can mail us at support@quantummultiverse.world.

Additional Condition, deviating from the General Terms and Conditions:

Given the special circumstances in which we live with regard to the corona crisis, we are dependent on the rules of the governments and we may have to adapt or change our program.

Canceling physical participation for any reason, including illness, car breakdown, thunderstorms, etc., in a Quantum Multiverse training automatically means a conversion to online participation of the relevant training. The link for activating the online participation remains valid for 6 months.
Unfortunately, participation cannot be transferred to the next seminar or training and reimbursement is not possible. You can have someone else participate in your place.

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